"Sothebys International Realty treats every listing like a Million Dollar Listing."

Make Your Home Shine

Before we begin showing your property, it needs to be at its absolute best. This means taking some serious time to clean, rearrange, and spruce up your home to make it look as appealing to buyers as possible. Remember… you don’t want people to feel like their walking into your home, rather into their potential new home.

Create Curb Appeal - Potential buyers should want to get out of the car to see your home, therefore the first impression is key. Your yard should be cleared of debris, your landscaping should look well groomed, and your exterior siding should look well maintained.

 Keep It Clean - Keep your house in “move in” condition. Clean or paint the walls and woodwork of your house. A faded interior reduces the appeal of your home. Clean walls also look brighter- creating an illusion of space.

Clean Floors – People want to see that your home has been cared for and well maintained – little details like clean carpets, rugs and floors will show them that this is the case.

Kitchens and Baths Do Make a Difference - Keep all counters as free of items as possible. Repair faucets and caulking. Make your kitchen and baths sparkle.

Brighter is Better - Let the sun shine into your house. Please leave your drapes and blinds open when you leave and wash the windows.

Attend to Small Details - Even “little” things mean a lot. Fix the minor flaws such as cabinet doors hung at an angle, uneven electrical outlets, and burnt out light bulbs.

Space is Important - In order to make your home seem as large as possible, remove excess furniture and personal items. Organize your storage space to make it look bigger.

Remove your personal items – You want people to be able to imagine themselves in your home- this means that your personal touches should probably be put aside for now. Strive to make your home a “model” home.

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When an Offer is Submitted
A period of waiting ensues after your property is placed on the MLS. When an offer from a buyer does come in, my role changes from promotions to negotiations.

 Know that throughout this process:

I will immediately present you with all offers. You will be able to accept, reject, or counter any offer submitted.

I will handle each negotiation with calm professionalism. I will maintain a tone of courtesy and respect toward all involved parties.

I will explain what the buyer is offering and wants.

I will advocate your interests during the negotiation process to the buyer and their agent.

I will always provide you with a professional, objective point of view.

I will always use my fellow members of The North Woods Group as additional sources of counsel, should we need one.

I will always bring you the final offer for your decision.

When an Offer is Submitted

Upon an accepted offer, then I work closely with a proven “team” of professionals to successfully close your transaction. I work amicably with the buyer’s agent as well as coordinate with the title and escrow officer, the MLS system, and with the buyer’s lender, inspectors, and any repair contractors. I also inform you of the disclosures you must submit, addendums and signatures required, and deadlines which must be met.

 I am familiar with the processes needed to deal with buyers and sellers being in different parts of the world. Being an out-of-area seller should not be a difficulty to overcome.

At the Close of Escrow

At close of your transaction, I will review necessary documents, ensure utilities are switched over to your buyer’s names, have keys available, and make sure you receive your selling proceeds.

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