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Sotheby’s International Realty treats all listings like Million Dollar Listings!

“Fish where the fish are…” 

Recognize where buyers come from….

            In past decades, buyers came from:

            Print advertising, neighborhood canvassing, other agents, etc.

Currently, our buyers begin on the internet, but they don’t come directly from the Internet. Buyers begin their search on the internet in order to become somewhat informed as to the market, however buyers soon recognize:

  1. Pictures do not reveal everything about the properties
  2. They need ‘expert’ advice to understand mountain living
  3. They need access to properties to view first hand
  4. They need a guide to negotiate the many laws of disclosure and transaction.

At this point, buyers contact an agent in order to further their search. Thus, Buyers still come from Agents! [Note: Real Estate Agents play an even more pivotal role in finding a buyer for your property here in the mountains than in suburbs.]

Marketing to Agents

  1. Placing properties on the MLS obtains the most exposure for the availability of a property. This marketing tool reaches every other agent in our area.
  • Information placed on the MLS is readily available continuously to any agent with a buyer. The MLS is proven to be our best marketing tool.
  • Agents feel comfortable with MLS listings as these properties are subject to ethical requirements. Agents show properties which will not get them into trouble.

      2. Targeting agents who likely will have buyers in the price range:

    • Email alerts, phone calls, & informal conversations increase awareness of the property’s availability

      3. Broker’s Tour allows agents to casually get acquainted with your property.                                                                                                                                

Assorted Other Marketing Exposures which have limited results, such as:

  1. Drive-bys – Buyers drive past the property, see the sign and call the agent. [ Sign and brochures are necessary.]

     2.Web Exposure – Sites such as, Zillow, Trulia,, & CraigsList, solicit buyers for the property who occasionally call the listing agent. However, most prospective buyers will call their own agent for information.

     3. Print Advertising – Property is displayed in magazines and newspapers for prospective buyers. Occasionally, listing agents are contacted, but mostly they contact their agent who is already familiar with the property.

     4. Open Houses – Solicit buyers from casual passing traffic. [Less than 1 % of sales can be traced to Open Houses.]

However, Our Most Effective Marketing Tool is Pricing

“The Bait”

Marketing efforts can only do so much. An effective marketing plan can get your property to where the “fish” are, but cannot get the “fish to bite” by itself. In this current market, buyers must perceive they are receiving value for their monies. It does not matter what the seller wants or needs from the property. The most important element of an aggressive marketing plan is still the price.

In Summary

Although, various realtors may claim that their marketing plans are better than others, and at first glance this assertion might seem to have some validity. However, all of us top agents have attended the same training seminars, and have all reached similar marketing conclusions. There are no secret formulas out there, do not be fooled by gimmicks, smooth talkin’, or false claims …we have all borrowed from each other and we all do the same things in order to successfully market our listings.

And, as a professional with Sotheby’s International Real Estate, I will not discount nor diminish the experience, competence, or sales volume of another agent.                                          


[The following is an example of a market plan that has been successful. It has been tried over and over with positive results.]                                                                                

Example of a Specific Marketing Plan

Summer of 2015

Agent Notification and Awareness – Marketing to Agents

  • Placed on MLS – Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors
  • Lock Box, Sign, and Brochures placed on the property
  • Broker’s Tour
  • Emails to Agents, targeting those who would likely have buyers in this price range
  • Email campaign to Northern California agents


Website Placement – Marketing on the Internet

  • Placed on the following Websites which solicit possibly interested prospects:

GoogleMaps, Yahoo Real Estate, AOL real estate, Trulia,, FrontDoor, CyberHomes,,, eRealInvestor, ResortScape, Oodle, InvestorLoft,, MyRealty, HomeAway, PropertyPursuit, Tweetlister, HomeAway Real Estate,, RealtyTrac, CraigsList, and Luxury Registry

Print Placement – Marketing through Real Estate Magazines

  • Tahoe Luxury Homes is Sotheby’s glossy real estate magazine which is geared for the casual visitor who might become interested in a Vacation Home. With a distribution of 25,000, it is placed in prominent locations such as Safeway, Rite Aid, larger hotels, etc. throughout the Truckee, Tahoe Basin, Reno, and Sacramento areas
  • Flyers Posted in Northwoods Office, Downtown, and Tahoe City Offices 

Neighborhood Notice – Marketing to Your Neighbors

  • Sign with phone number to call
  • Full page, color brochure of property for drive-by prospects
  • Open Houses which allow neighbors and prospects driving through the area to view your property.

A Smorgasbord of Other Marketing Ideas

 Should one of these efforts prove successful, I will reimburse you for its cost.

 Mass bulk mailing to 6,500 members of Tahoe Donner with a cute marketing slogan;

“Are You Ready to Move Up in the World”      $2,000

 Back Page of Sierra Sun Newspaper      $1,000

Tahoe Donner News ¼ Page Ad; “Get the Best in Tahoe Donner!”     $ 800

Front cover of Tahoe Legacy magazine Plus full page spread of property pictures    $1,200

Luxury Homes magazine, full page ad     $ 850

Neighborhood Party and invite friends and neighbors     $ 400

Create a dedicated Webpage with only your house listed, and “Pay Per Clik” Per month  $1,200

Advertise in SF Chronicle  

“Open House” every day of every weekend.

You could conduct these yourself, or hire someone         $15/hour?


The following are examples of my past marketing efforts and my analysis of their success, from 25 years of experience in Real Estate in the Sierras


Past Marketing Efforts with obvious Success

  • MLS, broker’s tour, hosting parties for agents, & agent updates

Past Marketing Efforts with some Success

  • Web page promos in

Past Marketing Efforts with little Success

  • Newspaper ads, Open Houses, Neighborhood Parties,

Past Marketing Efforts with No Success

  • Mass Mailers
  • Front Page Ads of Realtor Magazines
  • Ads in SF Chronicle
  • Marin County Realty Magazine Ad for 12 months [Back page.]
  • Extra Websites – Craig’s List, Zillow, Trulia, etc

Although, Zillow/Trulia have begun to impact our market

Conclusion: Our best, most effective efforts are directed toward the local Realtors who each have contact with multiple buyers looking for a place just like yours. This is my Role, and I excel at it!!